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Anschar Diamonds Blog
September 28th, 2016
Luxury brand Gresso is famous for its blinged-out smartphones and accessories. But, on Monday, the Swiss company took smartphone opulence to a new level with the introduction of its iPhone 7 Black Diamond collection. Handsets are priced at $500,000 apiece.


Crafted from top-of-the-line grade-5 titanium, the sleek phones feature a back panel studded with 1,450 black diamonds weighing 102 carats. The camera frame and stylish Gresso logo are fabricated from 10 grams of 18-karat gold.


Even the wireless AirPod accessory is blinged out. The black headphone device is sprinkled with a swoop of 30 black diamonds weighing 2 carats.


It takes Gresso craftsmen 18 hours to assemble a single iPhone 7 Black Diamond handset. reported that the production of the $500,000 phones will be limited to just three. At the more affordable price point of $2,500, Gresso will be offering a limited edition of 999 phones featuring 18-karat gold inlay with diamond accents.

The Gresso announcement comes hot on the heels of Apple's September 7 unveiling of its next-generation smartphones. Apple CEO Tim Cook demonstrated a sleek iPhone 7 in new shades of black. The phones have improved cameras and are water resistant.

Gresso's choice of black diamond embellishments works well with the new black iPhones, and if you were wondering how black diamonds become that way, read on...

Black diamonds are different than other colored diamonds because they do not get their color from impurities — such as nitrogen, hydrogen or boron — in the diamond’s chemical makeup. Instead, black diamonds owe their color (or lack of color) to numerous dark inclusions (mostly graphite). Their opaqueness is caused by a “polycrystalline” structure that inhibits the reflection of light.

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